"Here is the latest update which I think is accurate as Kory Honea demanded accurate information, DWR is under the gun, FERC and the Army Corps is there. Note this is issued from the Butte County Emergency Services. To all that trust me if I think it is going south I will shout out. Please stop rumors that frighten people and stay alert until this passes. County Update
• The Board of Supervisors ratified the local Emergency Declaration this morning in a Special Board Meeting.
• The Shelter at the Fairgrounds remains open – the census as of 0900 today shows 209 people and 24 dogs at last count.
• The Incident Command Team is providing a PIO at the Fairgrounds each day at 10 AM to provide information to the people at the shelter and answer questions.
• The County has activated Care/Shelter and Logistics representatives to be on-site at the shelter during the day until it closes, including over the weekend.
• The County will be providing van transportation for any individuals wanting to leave the shelter to go home throughout the weekend. The plan is to provide vans and drivers from 1100 to 1900 through Tuesday.
• The County call center is operating 24/7, for public inquiries, until it is not needed. The number is 538-7826.
• The County will have a new Incident Action Plan effective today through Friday, later today, which will be sent to the cooperating agencies on the County’s Liaison list late this afternoon.

Cooperators Meeting Update 2.17.17 @ 1000
• Construction and repairs continue on the emergency/auxiliary spillway. The weather is not stopping the progress, though it may be slowed down periodically. Status of each priority site at the emergency/auxiliary spillway is as follows: Priority 1 site is 100% complete; Priority 2 site is 50% completed; Priority 3 is 75%; and Priority 4 is 90% complete. You can find current photos of activities at the DWR website here.
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• No further erosion has been seen on or near the primary spillway. It is being monitored and evaluated 24/7.
• PG&E continues to relocate lines below the spillway. Anticipate being completed by Tuesday.
• Lake elevation at 1000 hours was 860.27 feet.
• Current inflow approximately 30,000-35,000 cfs.
• Current outflow approximately 80,000 cfs – will be reduced approximately 5,000 cfs every 2 hours to get down to 70,000 cfs today.
• Peak inflow anticipated on Monday not to exceed 60,000 cfs.
• Anticipate the Lake level to be close to targeted 850 feet by Monday; do not anticipate storage issues from storm.
NOTE: The Cooperators Briefing held at 1000 hours each day is moving to the State Parks and Recreation building next to the DWR building on Glen Drive in Oroville effective Saturday, 2/18/17."

-William Connelly, District 1 Supervisor, Oroville, California U.S.A.


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