Authorities are investigating a stabbing this morning. Chico Police Officers were called to the area of Miller and Pomona avenues around 1:30 this morning after a report of a stabbing. Officers arrived and reportedly found a person with stab wounds. According to a Butte County Sheriff's Office press release, the victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of those wounds. Two suspects have been identified as Daniel Hensley and Corey Crews. A third suspect has not been identified yet. The suspects are considered armed and dangerous. The Butte County Sheriff's Office has taken over the investigation.

COVID-19 News

2020 box office could be cut in half by COVID-19

iStock/Darwin Brandis(LOS ANGELES) -- It would come as no surprise to hear that the box office numbers for 2020 will be greatly impacted by theater shutdowns from the COVID-19 crisis. But now, the re...

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COVID-19 all-in-one update

(NEW YORK) -- Here's the latest information on the COVID-19 coronavirus as of 9:20 a.m. ET. Latest reported numbers globally per Johns Hopkins University Global diagnosed cases: 6,193,548 Global ...

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Pandemic lockdown now invading our dreams

Tero Vesalainen/iStock(NEW YORK) -- As if the COVID-19 pandemic wasn't affecting enough aspects of our lives during the day, now it's even invading our minds when we sleep. A new survey com...

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Scientists taking an exciting look at boredom

sam thomas/iStock(NEW YORK) -- Bored during COVID-19 lockdown?  You're not alone. But why is it that some people can cope with boredom better than others?  That was the question posed b...

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