Police discover an apartment with squatters while investigating a burglary. A 23-year-old woman called Chico Police after she woke up to find someone in her apartment on Hobart Street just before 7:30 am Tuesday. She hid in the closet while talking with dispatchers. According to Police, the woman looked into the family room and saw a man carrying items. Police then arrived and set up a perimeter. The suspect started to leave the apartment but when he spotted the officers he fled back inside. He tried to escape into the backyard, but he was met by more officers. The suspect, identified as 25-year-old Esteban Salazar surrendered and was arrested. 
According to a Chico Police Department press release, while officers were investigating they found a female relative of Salazar living in a nearby vacant apartment. While there officers also found 45-year-old Troy Dean in attic. He was found in possession of narcotics and he was arrested.