District Attorney Mike Ramsey says he's expecting the following scams to come into the county in the wake of the Camp Fire incident.


Donation Scams: They say to make sure that any contributions you make are to known charities. You can go to Butte for a list of organizations you can donate to that are helping out locally.


Rental Scams: Ramsey says beware of those advertising a renal unit for an unusually low price and those asking for upfront cash payments along with not having the proper paperwork.


Unlicensed or Fraudulent Contractors: the District Attorney's Office says to make sure check with the Contractor's State Licensing Board website to make sure the contractor you hire is licensed, insured, and bonded.


Fake Disaster Officials: Verify with the agency that the person calling actually works there and is not an impostor.


If you run across any of these scams you asked to Call 1-866-DAFRAUD (1-866-323-7283)