Mike Zuccolillo turned himself in at the Butte County Jail Tuesday. The vice mayor has been charged with sending sexually explicit texts to a minor. This after a man told sheriff's detectives that he had evidence against Zucillio in a "to catch a predator" style operation. The man said he had been posing as 16-year-old girl and had received explicit texts from Zuccolillo. According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, the man said that he targeted vice mayor due to animosity he had for the Zuccolillo resulting from a bad business deal. Authorities say detectives were leery of the infomation provided by the man given his motivation for targeting Zuccolillo. However, given the seriousness of the allegations sheriff detectives initiated an investigation and consulted the Butte County DA's Office and the FBI. An undercover officer took over the persona of the teen and reportedly received additional explicit texts from Zuccolillo. With the evidence collected, the DA's Office filed multiple charges against Zuccolillo. He has posted bail and is now awaiting his arraignment on July 10.