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KPAY News Archives for 2023-03

Death at Marysville HS

A real life horror story unfolded at a high school in Yuba County after a body was found hanging on campus. Sheriff Wendell Anderson said deputies found the 14-year-old's body dangling from the second floor of a building at Lindhurst High School yesterday. He said the death appears to be a suicide. Marysville Joint Unified School District officials said the teen was a middle school student within the district. Classes were canceled yesterday and today at the high school. Grief counselors were available to talk to students at the affected schools.

Gov launches new PAC to help Dems in Red States

Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched a new political action committee to boost Democrats in Republican states. Newsom announced on Thursday the Campaign for Democracy. Newsom is using $10 million of money left over from his 2022 campaign for governor. Newsom and his family plan to visit Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi next week. A Newsom spokesperson says he will also appear at a fundraiser Saturday in Florida for the Democratic Governors Association. Newsom has said he is not interested in running for president. But he has continued to use campaign funds to expand his national profile.

1/2 of State out of Drought

More than half of California is no longer in a drought. That's according the U.S .Drought Monitor update yesterday. It said over 70-percent of the state is drought-free. The entire Central Valley, including the state capitol, is no longer in a drought. Most of Southern California is out of the drought too, including Los Angeles County.

Ca Reparations Task Force Says Proposal would Cost $800B

The leader of California's reparations task force said it won't take a stance on how much the state should compensate individual Black residents. Economists estimated that residents may be owed more than $800 billion for over-policing and housing discrimination. The $800 billion estimate is more than 2.5 times California's annual budget. California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation creating the reparations task force in 2020. It has until July 1 to submit recommendations on how the state can atone for its role in perpetuating damage done by slavery. Ultimately, it's up to lawmakers to decide which reparations to approve, if any. Opponents say California taxpayers are not responsible for slavery.

Judge Rules for Chico on Measure H vs. Opponents

A Butte County judge awarded the City of Chico more than $36,000 in sanctions against the petitioners who claimed the city and its election official improperly rejected an argument against Measure H, according to the City of Chico. In late August, Chicoans Against Financial Mismanagement - No On Measure H (CAFM-NOMH) and Karl Ory filed a petition claiming the City of Chico and Deborah Presson improperly rejected an argument against the measure

Gov Signs Bill to watch Oil Companies Profits

California Gov. Gavin Newsom - who recently called the oil industry the second most powerful force on earth - signed a new law that gives state regulators the power to penalize oil companies for making too much money, the first of its kind in the country. It’s the type of legislation the oil industry might have crushed in the past. But on Monday, the bill cleared the state Assembly with only one Democrat voting against it…

Disney to Layoff Workers

Disney is set to begin layoffs this week. According to a memo sent by CEO Bob Iger, it's the first of three rounds of cuts that will total about seven-thousand employees. The belt-tightening is part of a broader effort to trim corporate spending and streamline operations. The layoffs are expected to affect Disney's media division along with parks and resorts and ESPN.

State Lawmakers Pass Oil Price Gouging Bill

California lawmakers have approved the nation's first penalty for price gouging at the pump. The state Assembly passed a bill on Monday that would empower state regulators to punish oil companies for profiting from price spikes. The bill now heads to Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has said he will sign it into law.

Butte Co Sups to look at Honeyrun Bridge Rebuild Loan

The Butte County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on whether to approve a $2.5 million loan for the Honey Run Covered Bridge Association (HRCBA) at its meeting Tuesday morning. Phase 1 is already complete with the foundation of the covered bridge, but there is still lots of work to be done. The nonprofit over the covered bridge says this money would allow them to finish the last two phases.

Cal Trans says Hwy 70 Remains Closed in Feather River Canyon

Highway 70 between Jarbo Gap and the Greenville Wye remains closed due to more than a half dozen slides, according to Caltrans District 2. Caltrans said the most active slide is at post mile 15.2. This slide has completely blocked the road. Crews are waiting for a stretch of dry weather to make progress on the slides. Caltrans said there is extreme danger involving moving material.

Fed Judge Shoots Down Calif Handgun Law

A federal judge has blocked key provisions of a California law that drastically restricts the sale of handguns, saying parts of the legislation violate the Second Amendment. A lawsuit challenging the law was filed last year shortly after a landmark 2022 decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. That ruling set new standards for evaluating firearm restrictions. A U.S. district court judge wrote Monday that California's requirements for new handguns are unconstitutional and cannot be enforced. The law requires new models of handguns that wished to be sold in the state to have certain features. The state has two weeks to appeal the decision before a preliminary injunction takes effect.

Chico Man Arrested in Food Maxx Murder

A 48 year-old Chico man will be in a Butte County courtroom today facing murder and attempted murder charges Timothy Wayne Wiechert is suspected a killing 61 year-old Daniel Niles and stuffing his body in a shopping cart and leaving it near (the entrance to the Food Maxx store in Chico) a Chico supermarket. Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey says suspect was already in police custody after the attempted murder of a 28 year-old woman last week. Police arrived to find Wiechert strangling a woman and fending off a neighbor Wiechert was arrested and police discovered he was driving a truck owned by Daniel Niles....police discovered the body of Niles two days later. Ramsey says forensic evidence also tied Wiechert to the murder. He faces two life terms if convicted.

Governor had ties to Failed Bank

A new report says California Governor Gavin Newsom and his family had deep business ties to the now failed Silicon Valley Bank. The Intercept reports Newsom maintained personal accounts at the bank for years and at least three of his wineries have financial ties as well. The report also says a bank president sits on the board of his wife's charity and that a Silicon Valley Bank executive made a 100-thousand-dollar donation to the California Partners Project - a charity founded by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. A spokesperson for the governor's office told the SF Gate that the governor's financial holdings are managed in a blind trust. GOP leaders are challenging Newsom to turn over any further state dealings with the SVB bailout to the Lieutenant Governor and ask the State Attorney General to review the matter for any law violations.

Newsome asks Regulators to review Oil Price Gouging

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says he wants state regulators to decide whether to impose the nation's first penalty on oil companies for price gouging. At first, Newsom had asked state lawmakers to pass a law that would impose hefty fines on oil companies if their profits rose above a certain threshold. It was a reaction to last summer, when gas prices spiked to record highs as oil companies recorded supersized profits. But the bill has not gotten traction in the state Legislature. Wednesday, Newsom said he would ask lawmakers to empower the California Energy Commission to decide whether to impose a penalty on oil companies.

Butte Co Supervisors Approve Jail Expansion

The Butte County Jail is en route to getting a large expansion after the Butte County Board of Supervisors approved a $33 million dollar contract with Slater & Son, Inc. for its construction. The project has been years in the making with efforts for funding, the design process and many hold-ups associated with local emergencies and the COVID-19 pandemic. Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said the new building, which will be detached from the primary jail facility, will be roughly 39,000 square feet. The long-planned facility will make some considerable additions to the jail, including more space for housing inmates and extra services and medical space.

Glenn Co Sheriffs Office issues Evac Warnings

An evacuation warning has been issued for three Glenn County zones. the Glenn County Sheriff's Office reporting is flooding in the area of Hambright Creek near County Road 200 west of County Road DD. Residents in the area from County Road DD to County Road H may experience flooding and should be prepared for evacuations.

Biden Signs Exec Order on Gun Regulations

President Biden on Tuesday meeting with survivors of the mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, as he takes action to curb gun violence. In a speech, the President laid out the details of his new executive order on gun control. It aims to increase background checks, raise awareness of red flag flaws and crack down on firearms dealers who are violating the law. Biden added Congress must act to implement universal background checks and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Eleven people were shot and killed in January in Monterey Park in a predominately Asian American community after a Lunar New Year festival.

Gallagher Bill on School Privacy Parental Rights

A new California bill would mandate teachers, counselors and other school employees to notify parents if a student identifies as publicly transgender. It would make school employees, within three days, to notify parents if they learn that a student is publicly identifying as transgender. In January, the mother of a girl who was attending Sierra View Elementary School filed a civil suit against the Chico Unified School District alleging the a school counselor was helping her daughter socially transition her daughter's gender identity without her knowledge. The notification would be triggered if the student participates in gender-segregated sports or opts to use bathroom facilities for a gender other than the one appearing on their birth certificate. Trans advocates call it part of "culture war attacks." Assemblyman James Gallagher, Author of the Bill, , argues this is a way for parents to get involved in their child's well-being.

Appeals Court Sides with Ride Share Drivers

A California appeals court has ruled companies like Uber and Lyft do not have to treat their drivers as employees. The ruling means app-based ride hailing and delivery companies do not have to provide certain worker protections and benefits. The state Legislature passed a law in 2019 requiring these companies to treat their drivers as employees. Companies like Uber and Lyft spent $200 million in 2020 on a campaign to convince voters to exempt them from that law. Voters agreed. In 2021 a state judge ruled the companies were not exempt from the law. Monday, a state appeals court overturned that decision.

Experts say US facing Warmer Winters

Winters in the U.S. appear to be getting warmer. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports the average temperature for the U.S. this winter was 34-point-nine degrees Fahrenheit. That's about two-point-seven degrees above average. Meanwhile, this winter saw zero-point-nine inches of rain above average, making it the third wettest winter on record. Despite that, parts of the East Coast have had one of their least snowy seasons to date.

Chico Police investigating Homicide with Body in Shopping Cart

Chico Police have opened a murder investigation after an adult man was found in a Food Max parking lot wrapped in plastic paper and put in a shopping cart..... Police responded on Sunday afternoon to reports of a dead man in a shopping cart. When police responded they found the man in the shopping cart with visible injuries. This spurred the murder investigation. The California Department of Justice helped local officials process the crime scene. Chico Police are looking for witnesses and canvassed the shopping center looking for leads.

Biden will Sign Exec Order on Gun Control

President Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order aiming to increase the number of background checks to buy guns. The order also seeks to promote more secure firearms storage and ensure U.S. law enforcement agencies get the most from last summer's bipartisan gun control law. The Democratic president is expected to unveil his latest efforts at curbing gun violence during a speech Tuesday in Monterey Park, California, where a gunman stormed a dance hall and shot 20 people, killing 11, following a Lunar New Year celebration. The bipartisan legislation passed after the killings of 10 grocery store shoppers in Buffalo, New York, and 19 students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas.

Chico Man Guilty kin Shooting Death of Friend

A Chico man pled guilty to shooting and killing his friend in 2019 over a monetary dispute about illegal marijuana sales, according to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey. Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Dylan Rice, 27, after they gathered enough evidence to connect him to the murder of Jacob McArthur. Detectives said they suspected the murder of McArthur was related to the illegal sales of marijuana.

ACLU and others back Housing Bill

Voters could soon be asked to make housing a fundamental human right in California. A Bill ACA 10, would send a message to the legilsalture and cities and counties. The ACLU is among the bill's sponsors. They say California has the second-highest rent in the nation, and most low-income households pay more than half of their small incomes to housing. Meanwhile, subsidized housing vouchers are available to only one in four eligible households. If successful in both houses of the legislature, it would then go to voters in order to update the state's constitution.

State of Emergency for Butte Co

A state of emergency has been dcelared for Butte County as California is bracing for the arrival of an atmospheric river that forecasters warn will bring heavy rain, strong winds, thunderstorms and the threat of flooding even as the state is still digging out from earlier storms. Gov. Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency this (Thursday) morning to support storm response in 21 additional counties including Butte, Plumas, Sacramento and Yuba. The flood threat (starting Thursday) will come from the combination of rain and melting of parts of the huge snowpack built in California's mountains by nine atmospheric rivers early in the winter and later storms fueled by a blast of arctic air. Storms are expected to last through mid-March.

Chico St Offers Abortion Pill

Chico State now offers affordable abortion services to students with unwanted pregnancies through a pill. This pill is not the same as Plan B, the emergency contraceptive that has always been provided to students through the health center. The school added abortion medication to its list of services after a 2019 bill signed by Governor Newsom requiring all UC and CSU school campuses to provide the service by Jan. 2023.

Ca Cuts Walgreens Contract

Gov. Gavin Newsom is withdrawing a $54 million contract with Walgreens. Newsom said Wednesday that the state will not renew the contract after the company indicated it would not sell abortion pills by mail in some conservative-led states. Walgreens has a contract with California to provide specialty pharmacy prescription drugs for the state's prison health care system. The contract will expire on April 30. The Governor's Office said Wednesday the state will buy the drugs elsewhere. Walgreens reported sales of more than $132 billion in the fiscal year that ended

DWR Lake Oroville Spillway may be used Friday

The Department of Water Resource said it will release more water into the main spillway at Lake Oroville as early as Friday. The DWR said it would increase outflows through the Hyatt Powerplant , as it anticipates ongoing wet weather, rising lake levels, and increased runoff inflows into the reservoirs. The DWR said it will continue to optimize water storage in Lake Oroville to support environmental and water delivery this summer while allowing for carryover water storage into next year.

Chico Public Works Cleans Depot Park

Chico Public Works Crews were busy Wednesday clearing trash from homeless camps at Depot Park and 9th & Hazel St. Officials say over 10 Cubic yards of trash was removed from depot park. that is over 12 tons of trash. The Camp are still visible as the City still is working on Clearing these areas as per the settlement agreement.

1 killed 3 others injured in Multi Vehicle Accident Hwy 99 Tues Afternoon

the CHP says 1 woman was killed and three others injured in a multi vehicle accident that closed a portion of Hwy 99 just North of Chico on Tuesday Afternoon. The CHP said four vehicles were involved in the crash, including three cars and a big rig. THe Hwy was closed for most of the afternoon and evening. The investigation is ongoing to determine why the woman swerved in to the other lane causing the Accident. Officials arent saying if it was Distracted Driving or if she was under the influence.

Ca Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction for Redding Mother

The California State Supreme Court has overturned a Shasta County Woman's Conviction of First Degree Murder in the death of her infant daughter. In 2017 Heather Brown of Redding was convicted for first degree muder. The Shasta County DA's office say the infant had been poisoned with morphine and methaphetamine through Borwns breast milk. teh Justices ruled that it should not have been a First Degree Charge . The DA's office says they have not decided whether to retry Brown on 2nd degree murder charges.

Newsome Says No to State of State Address

Gov. Gavin Newsom will not give a State of the State address this year. He will instead travel the state on a four-day tour to highlight his major policy priorities. The California Constitution requires governors to deliver a report to the Legislature each year on the condition of the state. Governors usually fulfill this requirement by giving a speech to the Legislature. Instead, Newsom will send them a letter. Next week, Newsom plans to tour the state for four days with some lawmakers. His office says he will highlight policy proposals that he says will strengthen communities.

SoCal Oil Company Ordered to Pay Fine

Federal prosecutors say a defunct company that spilled more than a million gallons of crude oil and wastewater in California must pay more than $65 million in penalties and cleanup costs. The U.S. Department of Justice says a federal court last week finalized a judgment against HVI Cat Canyon. The Santa Maria-based firm was sued by the feds and the state of California. They accused it of violating federal regulations for years and said it was negligently responsible for spills from ruptured storage tanks and corroded pipelines into waterways in Santa Barbara County.

Newsome says State Done with Walgreens

Gov. Gavin Newsom strongly denounced one of the U.S.'s largest pharmacy chains on Monday after it said it would stop distributing abortion pills in some areas. California won't be doing business with @walgreens — or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women's lives at risk," Newsom said in a tweet. "We're done." Walgreens will no longer be distributing mifepristone by mail in 20 U.S. states, the company announced on Friday. The decision came after GOP lawmakers in those 20 states threatened legal action against the company over its abortion medication sales.

Man Teens Arrested for Brandishing Gun

A Chico man was arrested with two teens on Monday night after they ran from police during a firearm brandishing investigation. Monday Afternoon At around 4:45 p.m. , officers received a call about a group of teens that were chased by a vehicle near Boucher St. and Humboldt Ave. The people inside the vehicle reportedly brandished a firearm at the teens during the incident. Officers responded to the area and found three people matching the suspects' description. However, as officers attempted to contact the three people, they ran away and a foot pursuit began. Officers were able to detain one of the suspects, 21-year-old Christian Stowe, and found a pistol in his possession Officers said they found and arrested the remaining two suspects—aged 13 and 16

PG&E Gives out Climate Credits Early

California's biggest utility is bringing relief as winter storms lead to higher bills. PG-and-E issued its Climate Credit earlier than expected. That means customers will see about a 75-percent drop in how much they're paying this month for natural gas. The credit comes from the state's emission allowance program and is handed out every spring and fall. The average bill is expected to be about 37-dollars, compared to 150 last month.

California Extends Tax Filing Deadline

The State of California has extended the state tax filing deadline to Oct. 16, 2023 for areas impacted by a string of powerful winter storms. The federal tax extension applies to 44 counties in California hit by severe winter storms that caused flooding and mudslides late last year and early THis year. Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Colusa, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties are on the list. The extension aligns California with the Internal Revenue Service, which last week extended the federal tax deadline to Oct. 16 for the impacted areas.

Redding Father Arrested Felony Child Abuse

The Redding Police Department arrested a Man saturday after he "admitted to becoming frustrated" with his two-month-old son and "began violently shaking him" The infant was taken to the hospital after police say they responded to a home in the 500 block of Wilshire Drive after receiving a report from Frankie lee Cooley that the two-month-old was not breathing and unresponsive. Hospital officials report the baby had multiple brain bleeds "indicative of physical child abuse."Cooley is being held at the Shasta County Jail for charges related to felony child abuse, likely to cause great bodily injury.

Chico Preps 2nd Alternate Site for Homeless

The Chico city crews are getting a second and third alternative site ready for homeless people who can't stay at the Torres Shelter or Pallet Shelter. The current alternative site is at the northwest corner of Cohasset and Eaton Road. To clear it, the city is setting up two new quarter-acre sites on an 11-acre property across the street. The two sites will be about 40-50 feet apart. Next week the city plans to give out seven-day notices, followed by a 72-hour notice and then a hard clean-up at the existing site allowing some to move to the new site.

Recent Storms help Drought Status

Tremendous rains and snowfall since late last year have freed half of California from drought. U.S. Drought Monitor data released Thursday show that moderate or severe drought covers about 49% of the state, nearly 17% of the state is free of drought or a condition described as abnormally dry. About a third of the state is still abnormally dry. Just three months ago virtually all of California was in drought, including at extreme and exceptional levels. The turnabout began with atmospheric rivers that pounded the state from late December through mid-January. After a few dry weeks, powerful storms returned in February. Major areas of improvement are the central Sierra Nevada, the central coast and the far north coast.

Former Chico Officer Charged Domestic Abuse

A former police officer with the Chico Police Department suspected of domestic violence and child endangerment was arrested last week, according to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey. Detectives with the Butte County Sheriff's Office arrested 29-year-old Jonathan Goble on Feb. 21 as part of a joint investigation with the district attorney's office and the Chico Police Department. Ramsey said he faces up to 48 months of formal probation, along with parenting classes, domestic violence classes and jail time if convicted. Ramsey added that Goble was a probationary police officer and was sworn in in June of 2022 And terminated on Feb 23rd

New Bill in Mental Health Cases in CA

A new proposal in the California Legislature could allow more people with mental illnesses to be detained against their will. The legislation was backed Wednesday by mayors of some of the nation's biggest cities, who say they are struggling to care for the homeless population. State law allows courts to order people into treatment if they are a danger to themselves or others. A bill authored by Democratic state Sen. Susan Eggman would expand that definition to include people who are not capable of caring for or protecting themselves. Previous bills have failed over concerns about infringing on individual rights.

Former Chico St Prof and Staffer Plead No Contest to Grand theft

- A former Chico State accounting professor and department chair and his department secretary plead no-contest to charges of grand theft in Butte County Superior Court Tuesday. According to the Butte County District Attorney's Office, 54-year-old Timothy Kizirian, a former tenured professor and the chair of the Department of Accounting in the School of Business at Chico State University, along with his department secretary, 57-year-old Ronda McGrath, entered their pleas in a case that stemmed from an internal university investigation into financial irregularities in the department. Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey says that the investigation alleged that approximately $1.12 million had been spent over a period of several years. Kizirian faces up to three years in jail and is scheduled for sentencing on May 11. McGrath was sentenced to one year of court probation

Residents say Dont want Newsome to Run in 2024

A Quinnipiac University poll finds seven in ten voters don't want to see him run for commander-in-chief. Homelessness ranks as the most urgent issue in California voters' minds. Twenty-two-percent of those surveyed listed homelessness as their top concern, followed by affordable housing at 17-percent and inflation at ten-percent. An early look at the U.S. Senate race shows Representative Katie Porter in the lead with 39-percent, followed by Representative Adam Schiff and 34-percent for Representative Barbara Lee. A majority of voters say California doesn't have effective border security with Mexico. In 2019, voters were split on this issue. Nearly six in ten also support stricter guns laws in the state.

Kobe Bryant Family Settles Lawsuit with LA County

The family of the late Kobe Bryant has agreed to settle legal issues surrounding photos of the body of the NBA star and others who were killed in a 2020 helicopter crash. Attorneys say Los Angeles County agreed to pay Bryant's widow, Vanessa Bryant, and their daughters $13.5 million on top of the $15 million that jurors awarded her at a trial in August. County deputies and firefighters had shot photos of the bodies and shared them with others in their departments. A county lawyer said the pictures were part of their job, but Vanessa Bryant's lawyer said they were shared as "visual gossip."

Deadline for Calif College Grants

The clock is ticking for California students to lock in free money for college. The financial aid deadline is tomorrow. This is when applications for the state's Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship are due to attend a UC or CSU school next year. Officials say anyone waiting for GPA verification can update their application later. The deadline to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as FAFSA, is June.

Red Bluff HS gets National Award

Red Bluff High School is being honored in the next couple of months with the Nonviolent School Alliance Award, presented by the Uvalde Foundation for Kids for their recent programs in preventing school violence. Red Bluff will be among six other schools nationwide being recognized by the foundation and Chapin said they are the first to be honored. They will receive a plaque and a financial stipend to help continue their violence prevention programs going forward.

Chico PD ID Victim killed by vehicle

The Chico Police Department has identified the man who died after he was hit by a vehicle on Highway 32 Friday night. Officers said 73-year-old Ezequiel Zepeda of Chico died after he was hit by a vehicle at Highway 32 and E. 8th Street. The Chico Police Department said Zepeda ran onto Highway 32 to cross the street, likely not knowing vehicles were approaching. Zepeda was then hit by the vehicle and died at the scene.

Oroville School Evacuated due to Fire

Students from Plumas Avenue school in Oroville were evacuated Tuesday as fire crews worked to knock down an adjacent structure fire. The blaze at the Collins and Denny Market started sometime after noon and was knocked down within an hour. All evacuations were lifted around 1pm. No word on what caused the fire.


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