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KPAY News Archives for 2018-04

Gridley Highway 99 Crash

A vehicle crash on Highway 99 in Gridley just after 6 this morning leaves several injured. According to Cal Fire of Butte County's twitter page say six people were injured. The Jaws of Life were used to extracted two people the vehicle. Cal Fire says all those injured in the crash have been transported to area hospitals. No word yet on the exact extent to their injuries.
Pictures from Cal Fire's twitter page shows a van or an S-U-V involved in the crash on its side.


Police Deal with Multiple Armed Robberies in Chico Over the Weekend

On Saturday Chico Police responded to two armed robberies 30 minutes apart from each other in downtown Chico. The first robbery took place after 1 Saturday morning at the parking lot of Bank of America. That's when an Hispanic male allegedly approached the victim and put a semi-automatic firearm to his head and took an undisclosed amount of money - fleeing the scene in a sliver sedan.
About 30 minutes later Chico Police received a report of a robbery at Tocos Tonaya on Walnut Street. A white male wearing a ski mask armed with a handgun entered the restaurant and reportedly demanded personal property from five people inside. He also allegedly stole an undisclosed amount of cash from the restaurant.
No one was reported injured in either robbery.
Then on Sunday two suspects were arrested after an armed robbery along a Chico bike path. A man was walking along the bike path from West Sacramento Avenue toward downtown Chico around 10:30 Sunday night when two African American men approached him. One of the men allegedly held a handgun and demanded the victim's property. The victim was not reported injured. Officers later spotted a man matching one of the suspects. That man, identified as 19-year-old Jonah Young-Gary reportedly fled down Broadway but was quickly caught. The second suspect, identified as a 17-year-old male was stopped a couple miles away. According to a Chico Police press release, he was found with a very realistic imitation handgun along with the victim's cell phone.


Chico State Will Not See a Tuition Hike

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California State University will not raise tuition at its 23 campuses - including Chico State - for the 2018-19 academic year as officials had proposed, Chancellor Timothy White said.

White said the country's largest university system is dropping a proposal for trustees to consider raising tuition that was to be discussed at a May meeting.

"We're pulling it off the table. It will not be discussed in May and there will be no tuition adjustment at the California State University for any of our students in the 2018-19 year," White told The Associated Press ahead of an official announcement Friday.

Undergraduate tuition is currently $5,742 a year. In January, White said CSU trustees needed to consider raising tuition for California students by $228 in 2018-19. Tuition for in-state graduate students was also to be discussed.

A similar increase was approved in the previous academic year, the first since 2011.

University officials say that Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed state budget allocates a fraction of what the university system needs to maintain its quality of education at a time of record-high enrollment: $3.8 billion for CSU in 2018-19 — a $92.1 million increase in state funding, but less than the $263 million the system requested, White said.

The Legislature will approve the budget in June, and White said he will continue until then to press the state Legislature for increased CSU funding but not put more financial burden on students.

"In light of California's strong economy, California students and their families should not be saddled with additional financial burden to attain public higher education," White said.

In March, the University of California's governing board approved a tuition increase for out-of-state undergraduate students of 3.5 percent, or $978 a year, starting in the 2018-19 school year. The increase will bring tuition and fees for out-of-state undergraduates to nearly $42,000 next year, more than triple what California residents pay.

The UC Regents said, however, they will rescind the increase if they can secure more funding from the state.

In May, the regents will take up the more contentious issue of whether to raise tuition for California residents.

Red Bluff Early Morning Stolen Vehicle Arrest

Red Bluff Police arrest two people this morning in connected to a vehicle theft. Around 12:30 this morning a police automated license plate reader found a Honda that had been reported stolen from Redding. Officers found the vehicle unoccupied and parked on Aubry Court near Leonard Lane. Officers found both suspects walking nearby. According to a Red Bluff Police Department press release, officers found stolen items on one of the suspects, identified as Joshua Ellis. He was charged for possession of those stolen items and possession of a stolen vehicle. The second suspect, identified as Terry Decutler Jr. was arrested for possession of stolen property.

Police Release New Details About an Attempted Assault on a Child

A 12-year-old girl had told police that a man had allegedly tried to grab her near the Circle K store in the area of East 12th Street and Park Avenue Sunday. That man was located and initially arrested Wednesday. The man denied any allegations beyond petting the girl's dog. According to a Chico Police press release, during a follow up interview the girl told investigators that she felt scared due to the man's actions and fabricated the story about him attempting to grab her. The man was released and no charges will be filed against him.

Chico Police have a busy late Monday night and early Tuesday morning

First, a teenage runaway leads Chico Police on a vehicle pursuit. An officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Manzanita Avenue around 11:30 Monday night. The driver of the vehicle reportedly continued and failed to yield and lead the officer on a pursuit. The chase lasted around 3 minutes and ended when the driver hit a dead end on Mariposa Avenue. According to police, the driver was identified as a 15-year-old who has an extensive history as a runaway. A passenger in the vehicle was also reported to be a juvenile. According to Chico Police, no one was injured in the incident.

Then around 3:30 Tuesday morning an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation at 7th and Mangrove avenues around 3:30 Tuesday morning. As the officer was speaking with the driver, Chico Police discovered that the vehicle had been stolen. Police say the driver, 26-year-old Ashley Riley was arrested without incident.

Then two hours later Chico Police Dispatch received multiple calls of a domestic dispute just before 5:30 Tuesday morning at a residences on East 1st Avenue. Officers arrived and found 49-year-old Daun Slagle and 47-year-old William Oiler. Police learned that Slagle had a restraining order against Oiler. During the incident Slagle allegedly assaulted Oiler with her hands, a blunt object, and she reportedly bit him. Slagle was arrested for domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon. Oiler was arrested for an active arrest warrant and violation of a restraining order.


Incendiary Device Found near the Willows Glenn County Airport

The Willows Airport was shut down after a bomb was reported to be found inside a suspect's vehicle. Glenn County Sheriff's Deputies assisted deputies out of Colusa County who were looking for a wanted suspect Monday. A vehicle connected to the suspect, who was identified as 42-year-old Heath Oliviera was located at Nancy's Airport Cafe in Willows. Deputies found and arrested Oliviera. During the investigation it was learned that Oliveira had allegedly stated that an incendiary device was inside his vehicle. The cafe was evacuate and the Willows Airport was shutdown as a precaution. The Bomb Task Force arrived and rendered the vehicle safe. According to a Glenn County Sheriff's Office press release, The evacuation was lifted and the airport was reopened.

East Park Avenue Roll Over Update

Chico Fire was dispatched after 7 am this morning to a rollover near Dutch Bros in the area of Carmichael Drive and East Park Avenue. The Chico Enterprise Record is reporting that the collision was between blue Ford and black Scion near the Skyway over crossing. The driver of the Scion reportedly had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. Traffic was backed up in the area for over an hour.


Park Avenue Rollover

Chico Fire reported a rollover in Front of of Dutch Bros in the area of Carmichael Drive and Park Avenue after 7 am this morning. No word yet on the extent of the injuries. 

DWR May Use Main Spillway at Oroville Dam

The State Department of Water Resources may use the main spillway because of expected rain later this week. A news release from the Department said it may use the main spillway quote "this week or next" because of the possible storms. The Department created a Winter Operations Plan to use more outflow from Hyatt Powerplant and potential use of the main spillway should the lake levels reach 830 feet during April. Lake Levels are currently at 794 feet.

Chico City Council Approves Funding for CPD Communications

The Chico City Council approved allocating 50 thousand dollars from the general fund to replace two failed radio transmiters used for public safety. The two transmitters malfunctioned back in February leaving Chico Police Officers unable to communicate with dispatch. The Police Department has had to use the city's public works raido. Chico Police Chief Mike O'brien said with the funding the deparment will now be able to buy additional radio transmitters and establish a second radio channel.

Chico Multiple Felony Arrest

A man is arrested for multiple felonies after leading authorities on a chase in Chico. Officers arrived to East Lassen Avenue around 2:30 Monday afternoon - after the Butte County Sheriff's Deputies called off a chase with a suspect in a Honda sedan which was confirmed stolen. While searching for the Honda officers discovered that the Honda broadsided another vehicle at the intersection of Mangrove and East 5th avenues. The driver of that vehicle was taken to the hospital and is currently listed in stable condition. The suspect allegedly threatened the witnesses as he fled the scene on foot. Officers located the suspect, identified as 28-year-old Chase Forcier and he was arrested on multiple felony charges that included vehicle pursuit, possession of a stolen vehicle, hit-and-run, and D-U-I, that according to a Chico Police press release.

Chico K-Mart Armed Robbery Arrest

Authorities responded to an armed robbery at a Chico store. A man allegedly shoplifted around 12 thousand dollars in jewelry at the Chico K-Mart around 5:15 Monday evening. When confronted by employees the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Philip Walton reportedly brandished a handgun and then fled in a Toyota Scion. A Butte County Sheriff's deputy spotted the suspected vehicle on Waterford Drive in Chico, but the suspect was able to evaded capture. Deputies later found and arrested Walton at his residence in Magalia. According to a Chico Police Department press release, an officer later located the handgun used in the robbery and it was determined to be a b-b gun.

Cesar Chavez Holiday Arrests and Citations

The Chico Police Department increased staffing Thursday evening through Saturday during the Cesar Chavez holiday. Police say several large parties were reported early Friday and Saturday mornings. There were 36 arrests and 50 citations. There were eight arrests for public intoxication, two for illegal weapon possession, one for resisting arrest, the rest were for warrants and other crimes. 50 citations were also issued for varrious alcohol violations.
According to a Chico Police press release, the long weekend and the warmer weather made it one of the busiest holiday weekends.


A Wanted Felon is Found and Arrested in Chico

A wanted individual is found after getting stuck. Chico Fire and EMS were called out to the shoulder of Fair Street in front of the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds before 3 Friday afternoon after a woman had reportedly gotten her leg stuck in a storm drain. The woman was allegedly hostile to first responders and officers were called out to the scene. Police discovered that the woman identified as 28-year-old Chelsea Meyer had felony warrants for her arrest from Placer County and Redding for narcotics and automobile theft. According to a Chico Police Department press release, Meyer was treated at the hospital for minor injuries. Police do not know why Meyer put her leg in the storm drain.


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