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Calif State Univ System Vaccinations for Fall

California State University is requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all faculty, staff and students entering campus facilities for the fall. The vaccine does not have full approval yet by the Food and Drug Administration, but the university says it's moving forward because of "evolving circumstances." Several CSU campuses are serving as host facilities for vaccine distribution and all vaccinations must be completed by September 30th. California State University is the largest four-year higher education system in the country, with 23 campuses, 56-thousand faculty and nearly half a million students.


The California Independent System Operator (ISO) has issued a statewide Flex Alert for Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. due to predicted high energy demand and tight supplies across the West. A Flex Alert is a call for voluntary electricity conservation. With higher than normal temperatures in the forecast for parts of interior Northern California, the power grid operator is predicting an increase in electricity demand, primarily from air conditioning use, according to ISO.


The Plumas County Sheriff's Office issued new Mandatory Evacuation Orders for East Shore to Lake Almanor: East Shore of Hwy 147 from Canyon Dam north to Hwy 147 and A13 intersection east of Hwy 147 at CO A13 to little Dyer Mtn Southeast to Dyer Mt. Additionally, the sheriff's office issued Evacuation Warnings for the following areas: Moonlight Valley, Engel Mine, Lone Rock Valley, and a Portion of Growers Boulevard: USFS Road 28N32 Intersection of Plumas/Lassen Line, east to Diamond Mountain area, south to lone rock. Kettle Rock, Taylor Lake, Wilcox Valley, Rattle Snake Peak, and Franks Valley: Taylor Diggings Mine north to Engel Mine, East to Lower Lone Rock, South to the Border of Zone 28, West to the Taylor Diggings Mine. Babcock Crossing, Elephants Playground, and Murdock Crossings areas: Beckwourth-Genesee at Clover Creek Loop, North to area of Drum Bridge, North to area of Babcock Crossing. East to Big Flat Spring, South to 25N05, West of Beckwourth-Genesee Road. Walker Mine, west portion of Grizzly Valley, Mt. Ingalls: Mcdermot Ravine north to Drum Bridge East to Crystal Creek, South to 23N45, West to Mcdermot Ravine. Greenhorn and Spring Garden: Specifically, east to Quincy La Porte Rd. at Thompson Creek. Hwy 70 near Massack, north to Empire Ravine, East to Cascade creek south to 508 Road, southwest to the south of Lee Summit to Fells Flat. South to a portion of the Middle Fork of the Feather River. View evacuation shelter and animal shelter information below. Check back for updates as new information becomes available. UPDATE, JULY 25, 10 AM: Dixie Fire IR map for July 25, 2021. At 11:26 a.m. on Sunday, the Plumas County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) announced new mandatory evacuation orders for the residents of Genesee Valley, North and Eastern Indian Valley, and Grizzly Mountain. Genesee Valley: southeast of Taylorsville up the Genesee Rd to just south of Babcock Crossing, Walker Mine Road, north portion of Beckwourth Genesee Road. North and Eastern parts of Indian Valley: From upper Williams Valley and upper Pecks Valley east to include all portions of North Valley Rd, Diamond Mtn Rd, and North Arm. Grizzly Mountain: South of Genesee Valley to 24N16 Road and east to the 25N42 intersection with Beckwourth Genesee Rd. Residents are asked to leave the area immediately. Evacuate to the north on Highway 89 to Highway 147. Dixie Fire IR map for July 25, 2021. The Dixie Fire remained active overnight, according to CAL FIRE. Officials said critically low fuel moisture and record-setting Energy Release Compounds (ERC) have made it difficult for supressing the fire's spread. CAL FIRE said the fire continues to burn in a remote area with limited access, extended travel times, and steep terrain which are hampering control efforts. CAL FIRE said the west side of the Dixie Fire was impacted by extreme fire behavior on Saturday as it burned into Greenville Wye and across both Hwy 70 and Hwy 89. Officials said the Paxtion and Indial Falls communities were the most severely impacted. The Fly Fire and Dixie Fire have burned together. CAL FIRE said the Fly Fire burned to the top of Mt. Hough and is expected to back down the mountain to the northeast. Firefighters are preparing fire lines southwest to Taylorsville to protect the community as the fire advances. The Dixie Fire was last reported to be threatening 10,721 structures in Butte and Plumas counties. Officials reported that 16 structures have been destroyed in the fire, as well as 6 minor structures. One structure was reported to be damaged. -- CLICK HERE to view BCSO's Current Evacuations Map. View of current evacuations for the Dixie Fire as per the last report on the morning of July 25. EVACUATION ORDERS: PLUMAS COUNTY: P Zone 1-Evacuation Order for High Lakes area, Storrie, Tobin, and RockCreek. Evacuation Order for Belden, Rich Bar, Virgilia, Seneca, and Twaincommunities along the SR70 corridor. Evacuation Order to begin at SR70 at Pulga Rd. along the north edge of the SR70 corridor to Rich Bar Rd., fromSR70 at Rich Bar Rd., to the north along the Pacific Crest Trail to the Plumas/Butte Co. line, from the Plumas Co./Butte Co. line west along the county line to the intersection of SR70 and Pulga Rd. P Zone 2-Evacuation Order for Meadow Valley and Bucks Lake communities. Evacuation to include the south edge of the SR70 corridor, from Belden east to Twain, south from Twain to Snake Lake Rd. at Bucks LakeRd., to include the communities of Spanish Ranch and Meadow Valley, from the south, on Bucks Lake Rd. at Snake Lake Rd. to the intersection of Bucks Lake Rd. and Big Creek Rd. (south) along Bucks Lake Rd. to the Plumas/Butte County line, from Bucks Lake Rd. at the Plumas/Butte County line to the north, along the Plumas/Butte County line where it intersects with SR-70 and Pulga Rd. P Zone 3-Evacuation Order for the Caribou area. Evacuation to include SR70 at Virgilia to the north along the east shore of Butt Valley Reservoir, to the intersection of Humbug Rd. and Humboldt Rd, to the east along Humbug Rd. to the Butte Co. line, to the south along the Butte Co. line to Chips Creek, east along Chips Creek to SR70, east along the north edge of the SR70corridor to Virgilia. P Zone 4A-Evacuation Order for the Paxton, Seneca, Long Valley, and East Butt Lake area. Evacuation Warning to include the Paxton area at SR70, north to the Long Valley, west to the south side of Butt Valley Reservoir, from the south side of Butt Valley Reservoir to SR70 at Virgilia, east along the north edge of the SR70 corridor to Paxton. P Zone 4B-Evacuation Order in the Long Valley and Seneca Communities starting from the Long Valley area north along Wolf Creek Rd., to the intersection of Wolf Creek Rd. and South Almanor, from the intersection of South Almanor and Wolf Creek Rd. west along South Almanor, continuing west along Fox Farm Rd. to the intersection of Humbug-Humboldt Crossing Rd., from the intersection of Fox Farm Rd. and Humbug-Humboldt Rd., to south along Prattville, Butt Valley Reservoir Rd. to the south shore of Butt Valley Reservoir, from the south shore of Butt Valley Reservoir east to Long Valley. P Zone 5-Evacuation Order for the communities along the west shore of Lake Almanor including Prattville and Lake Almanor West, beginning at the intersection of SR147 and SR89, west to the intersection of SR36 and SR89, south from the intersection of SR36 and SR89 to County Rd. 324, from the intersection of SR36 and County Rd. 324, east along Fox Farm Rd. to the intersection with South Almanor Rd. P Zone 6-Evacuation Order Humbug Rd. from the intersection of the Humbug-Humboldt Road west to the Butte County line and everything south of the Humbug Road to Humboldt Road. P Zone 6A- Evacuation Order beginning from the intersection of Humbug-Humboldt Crossing Rd and Fox Farm Rd, west along Fox Farm Rd to the intersection with SR36, south from the intersection of SR36 and Fox Farm Rd, south to the Butte County line, south along Butte County line to Humboldt Rd., east along Humboldt Rd to the intersection with Humbug-Humboldt Crossing Rd, continuing west to the Butte County Line, south along the Butte County Line to Humbug Rd, east along Humbug Rd to the intersection of Humboldt Rd. P Zone11-Evacuation Order for the community of Round Valley Reservoir and Long Valley will include SR89 near the Clear Creek to the SR70, south to SR70 at the Feather River, east along SR70 to the intersection of SR89, north on SR89 to Dixie Creek due north to SeltzerRoad. P Zone 12-Evacuation Order for the community of Butterfly Valley. The Order will include Feather River Hot Springs east on SR70 to Barlow Road, southwest to Oroville-Quincey Highway, west to Snake Lake Road, north to Feather River Hot Springs. P Zone 12A-Evacuation Order for the community of Butterfly Valley. The Evacuation Order is to begin at Blackhawk Rd at SR70, to west on Snake Lake Rd to the intersection with Powerline Easement, continuing west from the intersection of Snake Lake Rd and Powerline Easement to the HamblyRavine, from the Hambly Ravine north to SR70, continuing east along theSR70 Corridor to the intersection with SR89 (Greenville Wye), from the intersection with SR70 and SR89 (Greenville Wye), continuing east along theSR70 corridor to the intersection with Blackhawk Rd. P Zone 14- Evacuation Order for the community of Greenville and CrescentMills. The order will include SR89 at Dixie Creek, northeast to Stampfli Lane,north to Wolf Creek, northwest to SR89, north on SR89 to Hauns Creek. P Zone 15-Evacuation Order for the community of Taylorsville. The order will include SR89 at Moccasin, northeast to Stampfli Lane at Indian Creek, east to Diamond Mountain Road, south to Genesee Road at N Valley Road, west to SR89 at Indian Falls, northeast to Moccasin. P Zone 16-Evacuation Order for the community of Mount Hough. The order will include SR89 at Indian Falls, east to Genesee Road at N ValleyRoad, south to the intersection of Forest Service Road 25N14 and ForestService Road 24N85, west to SR70 at Barlow Road, north to SR89 at Indian Falls. P Zone 17 B - Evacuation Order to include the areas north of ChandlerRoad. Chandler Road at Oakland Camp Road east to State Route 70, north from the intersection of State Route 70 to the south border of Canyon Railroad Subdivision. The northern borders of Zones 17 and 17A are moved to the south edge of Chandler Road and remain in Evacuation Warning status. EVACUATION WARNINGS, PLUMAS COUNTY: P Zone 7- Evacuation Warning for the community of Stover. The warning will include the intersection of SR89 at SR36, west on SR36 to the Pacific Crest Trail, north to Willow Springs Campground, northeast to the intersection of Old Red Bluff Hwy. and Warner Valley Rd., south to the intersection of SR89 and SR36. P Zone 8-Evacuation Warning for the community of Chester. The warning will include the intersection of Old Red Bluff Hwy. and Werner ValleyRd., east to Lake Chance Campground, south to SR-36 on the causeway, southwest to the intersection of SR89 and SR36, north to the intersection of Old Red Bluff Hwy. and Warner Valley Road. P Zone 9-Evacuation Warning for the communities of Peninsula and Hamilton Branch. The warning will include SR36 on the causeway, east to the Lassen County Line, south on SR147 to County Road A13, south to Peninsula Point, north to the SR36 causeway. P Zone 10-Evacuation Warning for the community of East Shore. The warning will include the intersection of SR147 and County Rd. A13, east to the Little Dyer Mountain, southeast to Dyer Mountain, south to SR89, west to State Rt. 147, north to County Road A 13. P Zone 13-Evacuation Warning for the community of the northeast side of Ridge, southeast to Diamond Mountain Road, west to Stampfli Lane, north to Wolf Creek, northwest to the intersection of N Valley Road and Pecks ValleyRoad Indian Valley. The warning will include Dyer Mountain, southeast to Keddie, north to the intersection of Williams Valley Road and Lower WilliamsValley Road, northwest to SR89 at Second Water Tower Creek, north to DyerMountain. P Zone 17- Evacuation Warning for the community of Quincy. The Warning will include SR70 at Barlow Road, east to the intersection of Forest Service Road 25N33, south along the Canyon Subdivisions Railroad to the intersection of Mt. Hough Crystal Lake Rd and Quincy Junction Rd, south along Quincy Junction Rd to the intersection with SR89, east on SR89 to Radio Hill Rd and south to Peppard Flat Rd, northwest through Boil Ravine to Quincy-Oro Highway, north along SR70 to the intersection with Old Highway Rd. P Zone 17A - Evacuation Warning for the areas of east Quincy. The Warning encompasses Peppard Flat north of Highway 70, west on Highway 70 to Quincy Junction Road, north on Quincy Junction Road to the Canyon Subdivision Railroad, east to Forest Service Route 25N07, south to Thompson Creek, and areas west of La Porte Road to Peppard Flat Road. P Zone 18- Evacuation Warning for the Peter's Creek Area. The Warning begins at Taylorsville Rodeo Grounds north to Keddie Peak, continuing north along Cook's creek to Springs Creek, east to Enlge Mine, south from Engle Mine to Peter's Creek, continuing south along Peter's Creek to Taylor Diggings, west from Taylor Diggings to Taylorsville Rodeo grounds P Zone 21- Evacuation Warning for the area of Little Grizzly Creek. The Warning will begin at intersection 25N14 and 24N85, east to the intersection of 113 and 24N60, north to the east end of 25N42C, west to just south of Gaging Station, south to 25N14 and 24N85 EVACUATION ORDERS, BUTTE COUNTY: communities of Jonesville, Philbrook, and all HighLakes areas within Butte County Butte Meadows. The order will begin SR32 at the Butte and Tehama County line, east to the area of Cherry Hill Campground, southeast to Snag Lake, southwest to Skyway at Bull Creek, north along Skyway to Humboldt Road. EVACUATION WARNINGS, BUTTE COUNTY: to include the Tehama County line east to OldLoma Rd., Carpenter Ridge east to Skyway, Skyway north from HumbugSummit line to Butte Creek, all the Fish Creek area within Lassen NationalForest area road, Pulga and Philbrook areas east of the west branch of the Feather River, west of SR70 north of Magalia, intersection of SR70 at PulgaRd., south of the Plumas County line, and Inskip areas. EVACUATION ORDERS, TEHAMA COUNTY: T Zone 1 - Evacuation Order - to include the area of Colby Creek. The order will begin at the Butte and Tehama County line, west along the TehamaCounty Line to the intersection with SR32, north along the SR32 corridor to the intersection with SR36, from the intersection with SR32 and SR36, east along SR36 to the intersection with Plumas and Tehama County Line. EVACUATION WARNINGS, TEHAMA COUNTY: T Zone 2 - Evacuation Warning to include the area of Mill Creek. An evacuation warning has been issued by the Tehama County Sheriff's Office for the areas and communities south of the Mill Creek community continuing south to the community of Campbellville and east to highway 32 The area south of Mountain Meadows Reservoir from Hamilton Branch waterway east to the Lassen/Plumas County line. SHELTER INFORMATION: Memorial Hall at 180 Gay St. in Chester Springs of Hope Church at 59 Bell Ln. in Quincy Ridge Way Park at 19725 Ridge Road in Red Bluff Church of the Nazarene at 2238 Monte Vista Ave. Oroville Lassen Community College at 478-200 CA-139 Susanville American Red Cross Public Information Line (855) 755-7711 ANIMAL EVACUATION CENTERS: If you need assistance with animals contact Plumas County Animal Services at (530) 283-3673 or after hours (530) 283-6300. Large animals and livestock can also be accommodated. Old County Hospital 2279 Del Oro Mono Suite E Oroville (small only) ROAD CLOSURES, PLUMAS COUNTY: SR70 at SR89 (Greenville Wye SR70 at West Chandler Road SR70 at Ganser Park Drive SR70 at East Chandler Road Quincy Junction Road at Chandler Road SR89 at Arlington Road SR36 at SR89 SR89 at SR147 ROAD CLOSURES, BUTTE COUNTY: SR70 at Deadwood Road Humboldt at Bambi Inn SR32 at Upper Humboldt Road ROAD CLOSURES, TEHAMA COUNTY: SR32 at SR36

UC Regents ask for Tuition Hike

University of California regents are asking for tuition increases they say are needed to provide a quality education. The Board of Regents will consider the request at Thursday's meeting. Student groups oppose the increases as an unfair burden on low-income families. But UC officials say tuition increases will generate more financial aid for all but the wealthiest families. If approved, new in-state undergraduates enrolling in fall 2022 would pay $534 more, bringing base tuition and fees to just over $13,000 a year. They would pay the same amount for up to six years, which officials say provides stability.

BCSO make Arrest in Murder Case

Butte County Sheriff's Office deputies and detectives responded to a shooting Dec. 25, 2017 in the 2900 block of Clark Road in Oroville. Deputies located the victim man identified as Salvador Fuentes, of Oroville. It was determined that Fuentes was killed from a gunshot wound. Detectives identified Johnny Cabrera, 34, of Chico as a suspect. Detectives say they located evidence that gave them cause to believe Cabrera was associated with a local criminal street gang and the Sheriff's Office believes the killing was gang-related. Cabrera is currently jailed at , Corcoran State Prison . Detectives are working on having Cabrera transported to the Butte County Jail.

PGE Pledges Better Safety

Pacific Gas & Electric plans to bury 10,000 miles of its power lines in an effort to prevent its fraying grid from sparking wildfires when electrical equipment collides with millions of trees and other vegetation. The daunting project announced Wednesday aims to bury roughly 10% of PG&E's power lines at a projected cost of $15 billion to $30 billion. Most of that expense will likely be shouldered by PG&E customers, whose electricity rates are already among the highest in the U.S. The commitment comes just days after PG&E acknowledged a tree that toppled onto a power line may have ignited another major fire.

Bay Area Encourages Mask Wearing

(AP) San Francisco Bay Area health officials are urging residents to again wear masks inside public buildings, offices or businesses regardless of whether they are vaccinated. The counties of San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma and the city of Berkeley stopped short of requiring masks indoors. But they said Friday that wearing them will ensure all unvaccinated people are masked in those settings. The region stopped requiring those who have been vaccinated to wear a mask indoors last month when California fully reopened its economy and did away with capacity limits for indoor businesses and restaurants.

Dixie Fire Update

Dixie Fire is now over 30,000 acres. All evacuation orders and warnings issued by the Plumas and Butte County Sheriff's Offices are still in effect. A segment of of Hwy 70 has been closed from 14.3 miles east of Clark Rd to the Greenville Wye and GrandView Station to the junctioin of Hwy are advised to take an alternate route An evacuation center has been set up at the Nazarene Church located at 2238 Monte Vista Ave. in Oroville. An animal shelter for small animals has been established at Old County Hospital located at 2279 Del Oro and Mono Ste E in Oroville.

20 yr old camping with Family Killed

A 20 year old man from San Pablo was shot and killed This past weekend at the Bidwell Marina Campground Tyler Dickson and his family were camping for the 4th of july weekend...Family members discovered him in his tent Saturday Morning Law enforcement arrived around 5 a.m. saying the initial evidence points to murder. The Sheriff's office believes that it was an isolated incident, so there is no immediate risk to the public, but the investigation is ongoing. Butte County investigators are asking anyone who may know something about this to call them at 530-538-7671.

Chico Council will Appoint new Members to Fill Vacant Seats

Chico City Councilmembers met for the first time after former Councilmember Scott Huber and Kami Denlay resigned last month. At Tuesday's meeting, council was given two options on how to fill the seats: call for a special election or fill the vacancy by appointment. The Council voted 4-1 to use the Appointment mewthod ...the recruitment period starts July 7 and the deadline for applications will be on July 15th at 5pm. City council will hold a special meeting on July 27th to make the appointments. The new councilmembers will be sworn in one week later on August 3rd.

Senate Bill pushed for debate til Jan 2022

(AP) California lawmakers will wait until next year to continue considering a bill that would give opioid users a place to inject drugs in supervised settings. Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener of San Francisco said Tuesday that he was told the Assembly Health Committee will delay a hearing on his bill until January. The measure would allow Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles County to start programs giving people a place to inject drugs while trained staff are available to help if they suffer accidental overdoses. Currently the sites are illegal in the United States, but legal in Canada.


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