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KPAY News Archives for 2020-12

Chico receives Cease & Desist Letter re: Homeless Camping

A Local Law Firm has sent the Chico CIty Council a Cease and Desist letter over the councils recent vote to move the homeless out of City Parks...the COuncil voted 5-2 to begin teh process of clearing out homeless campsites within a 48 hour deadline ...but now will put that order on hold ...the letter sent by the Legal Services of Northern California quoted the Ninth Circuit rulling that law enforcement could not move those sleeping outside without providing other places to go as cruel and unusal punishment ...

Small Quake Rattles Chico Sunday Morning

The the U.S. Geological Survey reports that a magnitude 3.9 earthquake rattled parts of Northern California. The earthquake was reported Sunday at 6:44 a.m. about 14 miles from Chico. The quake was felt 25 miles away in Paradise, , as well as in the state capital Sacramento. No earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater have been centered nearby in the last 10 days. About 234 earthquakes with magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0 occur each year in California and Nevada

Gov Extends Stay at Home

AP) — State officials are expected to extend the strictest stay-at-home orders in central and Southern California as hospitals there are quickly running out of intensive care unit beds for coronavirus patients ahead of the presumed post-holiday surge. The situation is already dire, and the worst is expected to come in the next few weeks after Christmas and New Year's travelers return home. California hit 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases on Christmas Eve. State stay-at-home orders for the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California are set to expire Monday. State officials say the orders are likely to be extended but did not make a definitive ruling Sunday afternoon.

Butte County Record Voter Turnout

The official numbers are in.....and they are impressive Butte County Clerk-Recorder Candace Grubbs has certified the election results and says there was an 83.2 percent voter turnout for the November election. Grubbs says its the highest voter turnout ever in the county. 104-thousand-one-hundred-and-fifty-one votes were counted

Enloe Mdedical gets Pfizer Vaccine

Butte County getting their first doses of COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday...... Enloe Medical Center received their first shipment Thursday morning. Front line hospital workers and those living in assisted care facilities will be the first to get the vaccine. Butte County Health Director Danette York says the state hasn't determined the different phases of distribution for the rest of the public yet...

Chico Council Approves Lifting PD hiring freeze

The Chico City Council passed a motion to allow the local police department to hire more staff. The Council passed a motion that lifts that hiring freeze and allows for more than 11 positions to be filled. "In order to meet the needs of the community provide that public safety service, we need those positions filled," said Chico Police Chief Matt Madden. "I'm exciting, it'll get us back on the hiring and recruiting front. In several areas of the department, not just the police officers but our communication center, dispatchers." Lifting the hiring freeze also adds positions to other departments like animal control and park rangers.

Rancho Tehama Ghost Gun Lawsuit

The surviving family members of a mass shooting in Tehama County are taking legal action against the "ghost gun" industry. Complaints filed in Superior Court of Orange and San Bernardino County by the Brady Legal Alliance center on 13 suppliers of mail-order gun parts. Two of these ghost gun kits were used in a 2017 massacre in Rancho Tehama that killed six and wounded many more. Ghost guns get their name because the parts lack serial numbers or paperwork, which can evade Brady Background Check laws.

Atty Gen Barr Resigns

AP) — Attorney General William Barr, one of President Donald Trump's staunchest allies, is departing amid lingering tension over the president's baseless claims of election fraud and the investigation into President-elect Joe Biden's son. Barr went Monday to the White House, where Trump said the attorney general submitted his letter of resignation. Trump has publicly expressed his anger about Barr's statement to The Associated Press earlier this month that the Justice Department had found no widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the election. Trump says Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen will become Acting Attorney General.

BCPH Gets first round Covid Vaccines

BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. – The State has allocated nearly 10,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to Butte County, which includes approximately 3,000 doses from Pfizer and 7,000 doses from Moderna. Of these doses, Butte County Public Health (BCPH) has allocated almost 5,000 to Enloe Medical Center, with an anticipated delivery date of late next week. These early doses of both vaccines will be prioritized to healthcare workers who are most at risk of exposure to COVID-19. The vaccine is not available to other healthcare workers or the general public at this time. This is the first vaccine allocation for Phase 1 – additional doses will be allocated as: • Supply increases • Additional local healthcare providers are identified and invited by BCPH to register with the State as an approved COVID-19 vaccine provider • New Phases of distribution are activated BCPH anticipates that additional acute care hospitals in Butte County will complete the registration process in time to receive allocations for the next order. Orders will be placed weekly, every Thursday. Healthcare providers who have not been contacted directly by BCPH to register with CDPH as a vaccine provider are not currently identified to receive the vaccine in the first phase of distribution. These providers should wait to be contacted by BCPH. BCPH continues to receive information from the federal and state government about vaccine prioritization, allocation, requirements, and timelines, and will continue to share that information with stakeholders and the public as it is received. View more information about the COVID-19 vaccine in Butte County:

Butte County Stay At Home

(AP) — Thirteen counties , including Butte, in the Greater Sacramento region of California are falling under the strictest coronavirus restrictions as the pandemic brings a surge in deaths and hospitalizations. The region will fall under the state's stay-at-home curbs on businesses and restaurant dining just before midnight Thursday. More than half of the state's population already is under those restrictions as they quickly run out of intensive care beds because of COVID-19

Newsome Rolls out Covid Tracing App

AP) — California is rolling out a voluntary smartphone tool to alert people if they spent time near someone who tests positive for the coronavirus as cases and hospitalizations soar throughout the state. People can opt into the new tool that Gov. Gavin announced starting Thursday. Officials say the tool doesn't track people's identities or locations. It uses Bluetooth wireless signals to detect when two phones are within 6 feet of each other for at least 15 minutes. At least 16 other states are using the system co-created by Apple and Google. Most residents of those places aren't using it.

PG&E plans Outages Oroville Palermo Berry Creek

PG& E reports that Much of Oroville plus areas of Palermo and Berry Creek will be without power starting late Sat Night thru early Sunday Morning so crews can safely remove a transmission line near a substation in South Oroville. The utlity says that they have reached out to customers to inform them of the outage and allow them to be prepared for teh Outage including Business and Oroville Hospital. The Transmission Lines are located near the Wyandotte Substaton on Faunce Way in South Oroville

Butte Co Certifies 2020 Elecition

Butte County was finally able to certify their election results after record-setting turnout by voters. Sean Morgan, Kami Denlay were victorious in Districts 1 & 3 in the Chico City Council races. Andrew Coolidge beat Lauren Kohler in District 5 and Deepika Tandon beat Rich Ober in District 7. Oroville three council seats were decided with Scott Thompson and Janet Goodson garnering the top two spots. Krysi Riggs edged out Bryan Flicker by 53 votes for the third and final spot on the council. For Paradise Town Council Greg Bolin Rose Tryon and Stevel Culleton were the top-three vote getters......WHILE Michael Farr, Catalina Sanchez, and J. Angel Calderon won seats in Gridley Caitlin Dalby and Matt Tennis were elected to the Chico Unified School Board while Jessica Anthony, K Sandra Barnes and Sharon Nilsson were elected to the Oroville city Elementary School Board. Michael Worley and Tom Lando were elected to the CARD board.


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