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KPAY News Archives for 2017-02

Chico Dispatchers Given Praise

The Chico Police Department says 9-1-1 dispatchers went above and beyond during the Oroville Dam Spillway crisis. For 8 hours on Sunday February 12th, during the mandatory evacuation of thousands of Butte County residents, the dispatch operators took around one thousand calls for assistance. According to a press release from Chico P.D., the average number of calls on a typical Sunday during that same time period is just over 160. That increase was due to Chico Police 9-1-1 dispatchers taking on the Butte County Sheriff's Office 9-1-1 calls while the Oroville office was being evacuated. Chico Police Chief Michael O'Brien said he's proud of the level of commitment they give to the community.

Oroville Dam Temporary Drone Flight Ban

The Butte County Sheriff's Office places a temporary flight ban for private drones around the Oroville Dam complex. The Sheriff's Office says the closure has been ordered to ensure that unauthorized drones do not interfere with the ongoing efforts of crews working on the damaged emergency spillway and the disabled powerhouse. A violation of the order constitutes a misdemeanor. Anyone caught operating an unauthorized drone will be arrested. The drone will also be confiscated and the operator will be prosecuted. According to a press release from the Butte County Sheriff's Office, the ban will remain in effect until May 13th of this year.

Oroville Home Invasion Investigation

Authorities are investigating a home invasion robbery in Oroville. Deputies were dispatched to the 1500 block of Grand Avenue after a report of a home invasion robbery after 10:30 Sunday night. Three victims at the residence told deputies that 5 to 6 black males all dressed in black and wearing ski masks entered through an unlocked door, carrying firearms. One of the victims was allegedly bound. According to a Butte County Sheriff's press release nothing was taken from the home and the victims said that the suspects took off in two dark colored vehicles. 
Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Butte County Sheriff's Office at 530-538-7321.   

Chico Police Chase

A suspect leads police on a chase after allegedly stealing a truck from a Chico car dealership. Chico Police received a report of glass breaking at Chico Nissan - Hyundai on Manzanita Avenue before 11:30 Saturday night. Then they received a call from a janitor saying that a man was in the office taking keys to new vehicles. The suspect allegedly took off in a Nissan Frontier pickup truck and led an officer on a chase at the intersection of East 1st and Mangrove avenues. According to a Chico Police press release, the suspect reportedly drove recklessly and the pursuit was canceled. The suspect, 35-year-old Ryan Anderson of Redding reportedly crashed the truck into a tree in a field near the Esplanade and was arrested.

Multiple Felony Charges for a Former Chico State Student

A former Chico State Student charged with a number of felonies gave his plea in court. 28-year-old Daniel Martinez entered pleas of no contest in a Butte County courtroom Thursday to 14 felony counts. Those charges include sexual assault, child pornography, burglary, extortion, and fraud. 
Authorities in 2014 learned that Martinez allegedly hacked CSUC student accounts of some of his former roommates. He even reportedly hacked some of their parent's accounts. He is accused of opening false credit card accounts using the victim's names. Authorities found selfies of Martinez allegedly urinating into the food and drinks of his former roommates. He's also accused of sexually assaulting female victims while they were unconscious from either alcohol or drugs in Butte, Glenn, Tehama, Alameda, and San Francisco Counties. According to a press release from the Butte County D-A's Office, the other counties have given Butte County the authority to prosecute the sex crimes that happened in their jurisdictions. 

District Attorney Mike Ramsey says the case demonstrated vile and disgusting behavior along with repeated violations of trust. 
 If convicted he could receive a maximum of 32 years in state prison.

Town Hall Meeting to Discuss impact of Lake Oroville Dam Spillway Incident | Feb 23, 5pm

"Butte County Supervisor William Connelly is hosting an 'Oroville Dam Disaster Town Hall Meeting' today, 5pm, 1901 Elgin Street, Oroville. I am in contact with Yuba-Sutter officials to plan a similar event for the communities downstream."

-source: Assemblyman James Gallagher

According to Supervisor Connelly: "We will be filming this event. Constituents will have up to 5 minutes to speak about the personal impacts from the current events at the Oroville Dam and how this facility has impacted them in the past. This is NOT a political rally. I want to listen, learn, and document the impacts to your personal and business lives. Tell us what you want in the future from the operation and maintenance of the dam."


RUMOR: The Weather Channel false report

"Rumor Control: We have received information that The Weather Channel has posted information saying there has been an evacuation order issued in Oroville. THIS IS NOT ACCURATE INFORMATION. There are no current evacuation orders in Butte County."

-source Butte County Sheriff's Office

Butte County Road Closures

There are still road closures in Butte County due to flooding and other storm related damage. Oro Dam East between Glen Drive and Canyon Drive is closed. Sections of Aguas Frias and Afton roads west of Biggs are closed. 
In Chico several sections of River Road, Chico River Road, West Sacramento Avenue are closed. 
Nord Gianella at Folsom Street in Nord is closed. 
For a full list of road closures you can check out the CHP's website:

Missing Chico Teen

Chico Police are on the lookout for a runaway teen. 
15-year-old Dominic Pierce was reported as a runaway by his mother on December 12th. According to police, Pierce was reported to have runaway seven times in 2016. The previous times Pierce ran away he would stay with his adult brother in Chico and he would still attend school regularly. However he was reportedly last seen at school on January 17th and his brother last saw him on January 23rd. Police say there's no sign of foul play regarding Pierce's disappearance, but his family is concerned. 
Dominic is described as a white male with brown hair and brown eyes. 
Anyone with information is asked to contact Chico Police.  

Property Tax Exemptions Extended Filing Period

The filing period has been extended for property tax exemptions. Because of the Oroville Spillway situation, the filing deadline has been pushed out to March 27th. The original deadline was February 15th, but state officials saw that was not realistic for all those affected by the evacuations. The exemptions affect churches, hospitals, non-profit organizations, disabled vets and homeowners, among others.

Arrests are Made for Oroville Car Jacking

Two people have been taken in custody after an alleged car jacking in Oroville that sent one man to the hospital. 27-year-old Cody Bowles and 31-year-old Lucia Ripley were arrested around 9:30 Friday evening after Butte County Sheriff's deputies got word that the suspects were in Biggs. 
The incident happened on February 12th when Cameron Ashbury and his father were loading their truck with supplies during the manditory evacuation from the Oroville area. Their truck was reported running when Bowles and Ripley allegedly entered the truck and took off. Ashbury was reportedly hit by the truck while attempting to stop the suspects. He was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. 


"Here is the latest update which I think is accurate as Kory Honea demanded accurate information, DWR is under the gun, FERC and the Army Corps is there. Note this is issued from the Butte County Emergency Services. To all that trust me if I think it is going south I will shout out. Please stop rumors that frighten people and stay alert until this passes. County Update
• The Board of Supervisors ratified the local Emergency Declaration this morning in a Special Board Meeting.
• The Shelter at the Fairgrounds remains open – the census as of 0900 today shows 209 people and 24 dogs at last count.
• The Incident Command Team is providing a PIO at the Fairgrounds each day at 10 AM to provide information to the people at the shelter and answer questions.
• The County has activated Care/Shelter and Logistics representatives to be on-site at the shelter during the day until it closes, including over the weekend.
• The County will be providing van transportation for any individuals wanting to leave the shelter to go home throughout the weekend. The plan is to provide vans and drivers from 1100 to 1900 through Tuesday.
• The County call center is operating 24/7, for public inquiries, until it is not needed. The number is 538-7826.
• The County will have a new Incident Action Plan effective today through Friday, later today, which will be sent to the cooperating agencies on the County’s Liaison list late this afternoon.

Cooperators Meeting Update 2.17.17 @ 1000
• Construction and repairs continue on the emergency/auxiliary spillway. The weather is not stopping the progress, though it may be slowed down periodically. Status of each priority site at the emergency/auxiliary spillway is as follows: Priority 1 site is 100% complete; Priority 2 site is 50% completed; Priority 3 is 75%; and Priority 4 is 90% complete. You can find current photos of activities at the DWR website here.
( )
• No further erosion has been seen on or near the primary spillway. It is being monitored and evaluated 24/7.
• PG&E continues to relocate lines below the spillway. Anticipate being completed by Tuesday.
• Lake elevation at 1000 hours was 860.27 feet.
• Current inflow approximately 30,000-35,000 cfs.
• Current outflow approximately 80,000 cfs – will be reduced approximately 5,000 cfs every 2 hours to get down to 70,000 cfs today.
• Peak inflow anticipated on Monday not to exceed 60,000 cfs.
• Anticipate the Lake level to be close to targeted 850 feet by Monday; do not anticipate storage issues from storm.
NOTE: The Cooperators Briefing held at 1000 hours each day is moving to the State Parks and Recreation building next to the DWR building on Glen Drive in Oroville effective Saturday, 2/18/17."

-William Connelly, District 1 Supervisor, Oroville, California U.S.A.



"We've began incremental reduction of outflow through the Oroville flood control spillway. Flows reduced to 95,000 cfs with incremental reductions to follow in order to allow removal of debris and sediment from the diversion pool.

This reduced outflow still provides for the reduction of reservoir levels within the timeframes prescribed by the DWR.

These actions are consistent with typical reductions in water flow encountered when head pressures behind flood control spillway gates are reduced as reservoir levels fall."

-California Department of Water Resources


Some Butte County Schools to Reopen Next Week

Many Butte County schools will be open next week. With the exception of Chico and Paradise most school districts in the county were closed this week due to the situation with the Oroville Dam spillway. Some of those schools will reopen next week.
According to Butte County Office of Education,
Bangor, Biggs, Durham, Golden Feather, Gridley, and Manzanita school districts will be open starting Tuesday of next week. Oroville, Palermo, and Pioneer school districts however, will remain closed for winter recess. All Butte County schools will be closed on Monday for the President's Day Holiday.


Oroville Lake Levels

OROVILLE, Calif. (AP) — The Oroville Reservoir is continuing to drain as California water officials scrambled to reduce the lake's level ahead of impending storms. The Los Angeles Times reports that the reservoir was down 20 feet since it reached capacity on Sunday when it overflowed and sparked an evacuation order for nearly 200,000 people south of the dam.

County Offices to Re-open Today

County Offices will be re-opened today. According to the Butte County website, all county offices and facilities in Oroville, Biggs, and Gridley will be opened this morning.
The Neal Road Recycling and Waste Facility will also be open today.


Chico Convicted Felon Arrested

A convicted felon is arrested during a search at a Chico home. Detectives served a search warrant at a residence on the 21 hundred block of Elm Street Tuesday. Two rifles and three high-capacity rifle magazines were reportedly found at the home along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Detectives also found convicted felon Zachary Kalso who had prior firearms and narcotics charges that prohibited him from possessing firearms. He was also reportedly out on bail for narcotic sales related charges. He was arrested for multiple weapons related charges.  


"Butte College will reopen tomorrow, 2/15 at all locations. Butte College is working closely with the state chancellor's office to minimize any impact that closure of Butte College may have had on academic calendars. We will continue to closely monitor this situation and we remain committed to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. For more information, contact Butte College Police at 530-895-2351"

-Butte College Facebook page

Glenn County Submerged Vehicle

The CHP reported a submerged vehicle after a collision near County Road 62 around 7:30 this morning. Authorities said that the vehicle was completely submerged in a canal. Crews arrived and worked on extracting the vehicle from the canal. No injuries have been reported.


"Ed Gilbert of Feather Falls Casino just informed me that they are serving free buffet to all the emergency workers. Workers that are fixing the dam. The meal will start at 5 PM. today. Feather Falls will include the FEMA, DWR, Firefighters, Army Corps, National Guard. If you are working to save the dam you are welcome.."

Feather Falls Casino & Lodge: #3 Alverda Drive, Oroville, CA 95966

-William Connelly, District 1 Supervisor - Oroville.

Butte County Schools Closed this Week

Most Butte County Schools will be closed all week. That from the Butte Superintendent of Schools Tim Taylor. Only those in Chico and Paradise will be open. Taylor had previously called for schools to be closed last week and Monday--but has extended that through the entire week.
Butte College has cancelled classes for today because of the ongoing Oroville Dam situation. Also, events at the Oroville Spillway incident have led to the cancellation of the Board of Supervisors Meeting. The meeting that usually takes place at 9 AM will be rescheduled for another time, probably next week.


As of 7:45 AM on 2/14, the following closures remain in place for the #OrovilleDam area.

State Route 99 at Durham-Pentz Roads,
State Route 99 at State Route 149,
State Route 70 at Clarke Road,
State Route 70 at State Route 149,
EB State Route 20 at Aquas Frias,
State Route 70 at Woodruff Lane,
State Route 70 ate State Route 20,
State Route 99 at State route 20,

Additional roads closed from State Route 70 to State Route 99:
EB/WB Cottonwood Road
EB/WB Nelson shippee Road
EB/WB State Route 162 (Oro Dam Blvd)

East Gridley Road just East fo the Feather River Bridge has flooded and impassable.

-Assemblyman James Gallagher, 3rd Assembly District in the California Legislature



"If you can donate to the Neighborhood Church, 2801 Notre Dame they need:

120 Large Adult Diapers
60 lbs of Dog Food
800 Bottles of Water
800 Paper Plates
1,000 Cups
1,000 Forks
1,000 Napkins
30 Jars of Baby Food


Silver Dollar Fairgrounds needs bath towels, pillows, and blankets.

Please comment below if you can drop off supplies to help with coordination of resources."


-Assemblyman James Gallagher, 3rd Assembly District in the California Legislature



--Evacuation remains in place and will NOT end at 4:15 pm today as some have reported. Sheriff Honea is gathering the necessary data to create a re-population plan for the evacuated area. However re-population will not take place until there is confidence in the safety of the community.


--Goal of the Dam management is to lower the lake by 50 feet to 850 feet to allow for future storms and spring snow melt. The Dam is sound and doing the job it is designed to do. --The managed spillway, while damaged is continuing to operate in its designed capacity. The managed spillway is now running "clear" meaning sediment is no longer being pulled from the damaged area of the spillway. A large pile of rock remains at the bottom of the spillway and crews will be working to remove this pile.


--Inflow was at 37,000 cfs at 9 AM and outflow has been at 100,000 cfs for the last 16-17 and will remain at that pace.


--This is a dynamic situation and public safety is the #1 priority. All parties are monitoring the weather and thus far the early indicaters suggest the next weather system will be smaller than last weeks.


--Also mentioned if you are interested, all 500 Butte County inmates have been transported to the Alameda County Jail.


--Next update will be tomorrow (2/14) at Noon unless new information warrants an update sooner.



The Oroville Union High School District Schools will be closed Feb 13th through Feb 17th.



Due to current evacuation and potential flooding issues, we are closed through Friday, February, 17, 2017.
Next week is still a school break.  Students are out of school through the 26th.  This week due to the emergency situation and next week due to a previously scheduled break.
Please note that tomorrow's scheduled board meeting is also canceled.  When a new date has been set we will be sure to alert that.
Thank you for your consideration and understanding.  
Our thoughts are with the thousands of students who have been displaced during this very stressful time.  Please be safe.  
All District Schools Closed Until Further Notice
Due to the mandatory city evacuation order of Oroville, all schools in the Oroville Union High School District will be closed until further notice.  When I have more information I will post it."

Corey Willenberg, Superintendent



Governor's Emergency Order

Governor Jerry Brown issued an emergency order Sunday night to boost the state's response to the situation at the Oroville Dam's emergency spillway and support subsequent local evacuations. The Governor's Office of Emergency Service has activated the State Operations Center in Mather to its highest level and is coordinating with personnel at the Incident Command Post in Oroville and with other local state and federal emergency response officials to address all emergency management, evacuation and mutual aid needs.
The Governor thanked local and state law enforcement for leading evacuation efforts and doing their part to keep residents safe.


Flash Flood Threat Road Closures

Durham Dayton Highway is closed at Esquon Road and Durham Dayton Highway is also closed at Stanford Lane. Also Aquas Frias Road between Grainland Road and Nelson Road is closed. These closures are due the Flash Flood warning from the possible failure of a section of the auxiliary spillway at Lake Oroville.

School Closures

Here is a list of school districts closed today: Bangor Union Elementary School District, Biggs Unified School District, Durham Unified School District, Feather Falls Union Elementary School District, Golden Feather Union Elementary School District, Gridley Unified School District, Manzanita Elementary School District, Oroville Elementary School District, Oroville Union High School District, Palermo Union Elementary School District, Pioneer Union Elementary School District and Thermalito Union Elementary School District in Butte County. All of Butte County Office of Education offices and schools in Oroville will also be closed.

Butte College will also be closed today - Butte College buses will not be running. 
All schools in Chico and Paradise WILL be opened today.


"Motorists traveling south from the Chico area should be advised of several road closures on main highways.

· HWY 99 is closed from Durham-Pentz Road to south of Yuba City.
· HWY 70 is closed from HWY 149 to south of Yuba City.
· All other roadways below the Oroville Spillway elevation in Oroville, Thermalito, Biggs, and Gridley south to the Butte County line are closed.
· Motorists traveling south from the Chico area should take HWY 32 to I5 south. Avoid roadways west of Chico typically used to access I5 south as they are closed due to flooding including Sacramento Avenue, River Road, Ord Ferry Road, Aguas Frias Road, and 7 Mile Lane.
· Please leave extra time for commuting."

-Kory Honea, Butte County Sheriff


Classes cancelled in Oroville Unified School District.
including: Bangor Union Elementary School District, Biggs Unified School District, Durham Unified School District, Feather Falls Union Elementary School District, Golden Feather Union Elementary School District, Gridley Unified School District, Manzanita Elementary School District, Oroville Elementary School District, Oroville Union High School District, Palermo Union Elementary School District, Pioneer Union Elementary School District and Thermalito Union Elementary School District in Butte County.
All of Butte County Office of Education offices and schools in Oroville will also be closed.


All Butte College Facilities will be closed tomorrow, 2-13. All classes are canceled. All Butte College Facilities are closed to students and employees. The Butte College bus service will not be running. We will send out updates as we receive more information. Please call the Butte College Police Department if you have any questions at 530-895-2351


"A hazardous situation is developing with the Oroville Dam auxiliary spillway. Operation of the auxiliary spillway has lead to severe erosion that could lead to a failure of the structure. Failure of the auxiliary spillway structure will result in an uncontrolled release of flood waters from Lake Oroville."

-Butte County Sheriffs' Office


EMERGENCY EVACUATION ORDER ISSUED: Officials are anticipating a failure of the Auxiliary Spillway at Oroville Dam within the next 60 minutes.
Residents of Oroville should evacuate in a northward direction, toward Chico. Other cities should follow the orders of their local law enforcement.

-Department of Water Resources


"At 6:00a.m. Inflow to the lake decreased to 52,700 cfs. Flows from the gated Spillway remain unchanged at 55,000 cfs. Flows from the auxiliary spillway peaked at 1:00a.m. at 12,600 cfs and are decreasing. Lake elevation levels are trending down."
-Kory Honea, Butte County Sheriff


OROVILLE DAM SPILLWAY UPDATE: Prepare for evacuations


The emergency spillway could be used as early as Friday evening.
Residents of Butte County should use this time to prepare in the event of an Evacuation Waring is issued.
Gather important items, and consider where your family may go.
Sign up for Emergency Notifications. Public information Line will be monitored 24/7  530 538-7826
-Butte County Sheriff's Office




Oroville High School classes cancelled Friday, Feb 10. Voluntary Evacuations start at 7:30am PST

In a letter written to parents by Tim Taylor Superintendent of Butte County Office of Education:



Safety of our students, staff and community is the number one concern for Butte County Office of Education. Due to the current and forecasted weather conditions, coupled with the uncertainty of the spillway structure and release of more water from Lake Oroville, as Superintendent of Schools, I am calling an emergency situation and advising closure of public schools on Friday, February 10, 2017 in the Oroville Union High School District which includes Bangor Union Elementary School District, Feather Falls Union Elementary School District, Golden Feather Union Elementary School District, Oroville Elementary School District, Palermo Union Elementary School District, Pioneer Union Elementary School District and Thermalito Union Elementary School District in Butte County. All of Butte County Office of Education offices and schools in Oroville will also be closed.





Concrete Erosion to Oroville Dam spillway - photos

"DWR engineers and geologists continue to assess the concrete erosion on the Oroville Dam Spillway"


The California Department of Water Resources has suspended flows from the Oroville Dam spillway after a concrete section eroded on the middle section of the spillway. There is no anticipated threat to the dam or the public. DWR engineers are assessing the options to repair the spillway and control the reservoir water level. The Butte County facility is the tallest dam in the United States at 770 feet and is a key part of the State Water Project. Photo taken February 7, 2017.


California and Nevada Storm News

RENO, Nev. (AP) — The Latest: A major winter storm that has dumped more than a foot of new snow in the Sierra has also dropped up to 3 inches of rain around Lake Tahoe and triggered a rock slide that temporarily closed part of U.S. Interstate 80 near the California-Nevada line. Authorities report heavy rains flooded city streets in Carson City and caused a mudslide that closed southbound U.S. Highway 395 at the U.S. 50 on-ramp. A mudslide also blocked part of Highway 89 north of Reno near Graeagle, California.

Major Damage to the Oroville Dam Spillway

There's been some major damage to the Oroville Dam Spillway. Photographic evidence and various news reports indicate the spillway suffered some sort of erosion damage, which may have caused chucks of concrete seen earlier today flying off the spillway path. This after dam operators increased the flows from the Lake because of excess water. The releases between 10 this morning and noon reportedly had to be stopped because of some damage.
Meanwhile, the CHP has CLOSED the road across the Oroville Dam with barricades in place.

Dramatic Video / source Action News Now

Road Closures in Chico, Oroville and surrounding areas

The recent storm has inflicted some damage--roads have been closed in Chico, Oroville and elsewhere. Flooding has caused the closure of roadways around Highway 99 and Garden Brook Drive west of the Chico Airport. River Road between West Sacramento and Chico River Road was reportedly closed early this morning. The Highway Patrol is reporting that Highway 70 near Rich Bar could be closed for days. A portion of Oro Dam Road was closed about 9 this morning.Central House Road is closed between Highway 70 and Lonetree Road . Lower Honcut Road is closed between Palermo-Honcut Highway and Highway 70. In Gridley, Afton Road at Butte Creek.

Missing Chico Girl

UPDATE: A happy ending for a missing Chico girl. 5 year old Nevaeh Oliverez was found safe with a family member. A custody dispute may have been at the heart of her disappearance. She had been in the custody of her 42 year old father Dominic but a court recently gave full custody to her mom Christiam. The young girl had been missing since late last week.


Police are searching for a missing Chico girl. Late last week Chico Police received a report of a possible missing 5-year-old girl named Nevaeh Oliverez. Nevaeh has been in the legal custody of her father Dominic Oliverez, but her mother Christiam Moreno was recently awarded sole custody. Police have not been able to locate Dominic in order to take custody of the child. He is believed to be driving a red 2000 Dodge Durango. 
Dominic is described as 5 foot - 9 inches tall and around 300 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes. 
Nevaeh, the missing girl, is described as a 3 feet tall and around 80 pounds. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Chico Police Department 897-4900






Increase Water Flows From Lake Oroville Today

The State Department of Water Resources is increasing water flows from Lake Oroville this morning. The department called KPAY and said that from 10 am to 12 pm the flows will increase into the Feather River from 20 thousand cubic feet per second to 30 thousand C-F-S. This is to help prevent Lake Oroville from getting too high.
Officials want to let river users to know that the increased flows could see the river rise about two to three feet and there will be swift currents.


North Chico Crash

Chico Police and Fire dispatch reported that a vehicle hit a power poll at West Eaton Road and Aurora Glenn Way in north Chico after 7:30 this morning. Authorities say there were no injuries in the single vehicle crash.

Chico Stabbing Investigation

Chico Police are searching for a stabbing suspect. An 18-year-old told police that a man approached him as he was entering the Panera Bread on East 20th Street after 10 pm Wednesday and allegedly attempted to start a fight with him. The victim reportedly pushed the suspect away after the man allegedly tried to reach his arms around him. Police say that during the exchange the suspect allegedly stabbed the 18-year-old. The victim was taken to the hospital for a non-life threaten wounds.
The suspect left the area on foot. He is described as an adult around 6 foot tall with a slender build. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Chico Police Department at 897-4911.


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