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KPAY News Archives for 2018-09

Chico Hit and Run Incident

Police investigated a hit and run in Chico Thursday. An officer was flagged down near East 8th Street at Pine Street around 11:30 am regarding a hit and run incident. Officers learned that a Toyota Tundra had collided with a sedan in the area. The sedan was reportedly forced into a couple of parked vehicles. The driver of the sedan and an occupant of one of the parked vehicles received moderate injuries and were taken to the hospital. The driver of the Tundra reportedly fled the area. Chico Police later received a report of the suspected vehicle spotted at a California Park neighborhood. Officers arrived and located the Tundra and a man, identified as 27-year-old Kelvin Delarosatejada of New Jersey. According to a Chico Police Department press release, Delarosatejada admitted to being the driver and was taken to the hospital for significant injuries. Charges are currently being filed with the Butte County District Attorney's Office.  

Wanted Man Arrested in Chico Thursday Evening

Chico Police were on the lookout for a wanted man Thursday evening. Chico Police received a report of a woman being held against her will at In N Out Burger on Business Lane after 5:30 Thursday afternoon. Officers arrived and learned that the woman was not being held against her will, but she was concerned that her companion was a wanted suspect and armed with a handgun. Officers searched the area for the man, identified as 34-year-old Anthony Aragon from Redding who was wanted out of Shasta, Tehama, and Butte counties for burglary and robbery. Officers later found Aragon in front of the Chico Walmart in a taxi. Aragon exited the cab and he was initially compliant with officers, but he reportedly suddenly ran off. A K-9 officer apprehended Aragon. According to a Chico Police press release, no weapon was found on him, but a realistic looking airsoft gun was found among his property.

Chico FedEx Driver Indecent Exposure

A delivery man is accused of indecent exposure. A woman at an apartment complex on Stewart Avenue in Chico told police Wednesday that a man in a FedEx uniform contacted her as she was carrying laundry and told her that he needed some string to hold up his shorts because he wasn't wearing any underwear. When the woman returned with the string the man, identified as 34-year-old Jeremy Deyoung allegedly exposed himself to her. The victim went back to her apartment and called the police. Deyoung was then seen leaving the area in a FedEx truck. Chico Police contacted FedEx and informed them of the allegations. FedEx management said that Deyoung would not have any further contact with the public and that they would be considering their administrative options.

According to a Chico Police press release, the case has been forwarded to the Butte County D-A's Office for criminal charges of misdemeanor indecent exposure.

Magalia Man Sentenced for Oroville Crime Spree

35-year-old Gary Cartwright was sentenced Wednesday to eight years in state prison for various crimes including shooting at a vehicle, evading arrest, DUI, and falsely imprisoning his girlfriend.

According to a Butte County D.A.'s Office press release, it happened July 10th when Cartwright drove from a Berry Creek marijuana grow to the home of his girlfriend in Oroville where he told her to get in his car. He then shot at an unoccupied car on Wyandotte Avenue, hitting it once. He would later tell authorities that the owner of the car owed him money. Cartwright took off when he saw officers, leading them on a high speed chase. Cartwright stopped briefly at a gas station where police say he pushed his girlfriend out of the car. Officers finally stopped Cartwright and found him in possession of illegal firearms. Police say he was also under the influence.

A man is Assaulted by Guitar During an Altercation in Downtown Chico

A verbal argument escalates into an assault in downtown Chico. Police received numerous 9-1-1 calls about two men fighting near West 3rd Street and Main Street on Tuesday before midnight. During the fight one of the men was allegedly struck several times by a guitar. According to a Chico Police Department press release, the 32-year-old victim was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening head injuries. A Chico State Police Officer found and detained the suspect identified, as 29-year-old Jamie Harper who was later arrested by Chico Police for assault with a deadly weapon.

Nimshew Fire Update

The Butte County Sheriff's Office has issued an evacution warning this morning for Nimshew Road from Ponderosa to Daly Mine Road Centerville Road and Centerville Road from Nimshew down canyon to Nimshew Run Lane. Authorities are urging residents to be prepared to leave if fire activity changes. The Nimshew Fire started in the area of Centerville Road and Nimshew Road after 12:30 this morning. According to Cal Fire, the blaze has burned around 25 acres and is 15 percent contained. They also say the steep terrain and winds are hampering fire crews efforts. Numerous resources are the at scene and an additional 20 State Engines are mobilizing to assist in containing the fire.

A hard closure at the top and bottom of Centerville Road the road began after 2:15 this morning and at last report it is still closed to traffic.

Nimshew Fire Evacuation Warnings

The Butte County Sheriff's Office has issued an evacuation warning this morning for Nimshew Road between Centerville Road and the south dead end of Nimshew Road in an area east of Chico affected by the Nimshew Fire. That fire started in the area of Centerville Road and Nimshew Road after 12:30 this morning. According to Cal Fire's last report, the blaze has burned around 20 acres and is now 15 percent contained.

A hard closure at the top and bottom of Centerville Road the road happened around 2:15 this morning and at last report the roadway is still closed to traffic.

Nimshew Fire East of Chico

The Nimshew Fire started in the area of Centerville Road and Nimshew Road east of Chico around 2 this morning. According to Cal Fire, the blaze has burned around 20 arces and as of last report the fire was not contained. Cal Fire also says the blaze is in steep terrain with heavy brush with a slow-moderate rate of spread. 
The prompted a hard closure at the top and bottom of Centerville Road the road around 2:15 this morning and at last report it is still closed to traffic.

Chico Suicidal Woman

Chico Police contact a suicidal woman on a highway overpass. Around 3:30 Thursday morning Chico police received calls about a woman on the Cohasset Road overpass looking below at Highway 99. Officers arrived and spotted the unidentified 24-year-old woman standing between the Highway 99 sign and the guard rail. An officer began talkingto the female in oder to attract her attention while another officer was able to restrain the woman and get off the freeway sign to safety. She was then taken to the hospital for treatment.   

Chico Firearm Discharge Arrest

An arrest is made for a shooting incident in Chico Thursday night. A woman called Chico Police dispatch after 11:30 last night that there was a vehicle parked near her reisdnece that may be related to recent threats against her. Police say during the incident the woman, identified as Cristina Fernandez exited her upstairs apartment and fired one round from a handgun into the ground as a warning shot. Officers arrived and reportedly located a bullet on the ground near the stairway. According to police, Fernandez was arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm.  

Butte County outpaces Water Savings in State

Butte County out paces state's overall water savings once again. The Water Resources Control Board recently released its water savings for the state in July. According to the report, Butte County water savings were about double the statewide numbers. Oroville saw 29.5 percent in water savings. Chico had nearly 25 percent. Pardise had a little over 25 percent. The July numbers for this year is compared to the benchmark of July 2013.

Chico City Council Approves Jesus Center Move

The Chico City Council voted to relocate the Jesus Center. The council unanimously approved at Tuesday night's meeting to move the homeless shelter to the location of the Silver Dollar BMX track near Costco. At the same meeting they approved to relocate the BMX track to a city owned site at the Chico Airport. According to the Chico E-R, councilor Ann Schwab added a motion that after the relocation the existing Jesus Center would be redeveloped into affordable housing.

Glenn County Suspect on the Loose

Authorities have found one of the two suspects wanted in connection with an incident on the campus of Willows High School last week. Monday they found 29 year old Justin McGlothin of Willows who had outstanding warrants plus was wanted for that late afternoon incident Friday at Willows High. McGlothin had a loaded gun and escaped on a bicycle given to him by 31 year old Jogshem De Reus. Authorities are still looking for De Reus.

Chico Brazen Beer Thief

A man walked into the Liquor Bank on Main Street in Chico after 11 Wednesday morning and allegedly took a bottle of beer. He reportedly said to the clerk, "Call the cops because I'm not paying for this" and then left the store. Officers located the shoplifter, identified as 43-year-old William Emis of Orovile, near the Jesus Center. After being positively identified he was arrested.
Police say Emis erroneously believed that since his theft was a misdemeanor, he would be cited and released, but because of his brazen attitude authorities booked him into the Butte County Jail.


Chico High Burglary Arrest

A man is arrested for a burglary at Chico High School. 25-year-old Michael Coley was arrested Wednesday after a week long investigation into electronics taken from the school.
Last Thursday Chico Police Resource Officers became aware the burglary that occurred the night before. Officers learned that several thousand dollars worth of Chromebook tablets were stolen from multiple classrooms. According to a Chico Police press release, Coley was identified as the suspect after investigators reportedly saw him on surveillance footage.


Glenn County Code Red Test

 Glenn County will be testing its CodeRED emergency notification system. The test will be conducted next Monday morning. An alert will be sent out to those who have registered with the county and may come in the form of a email, text, or call to their cell phones. All landline phones in the county will reportedly receive the alert as well. Authorities say that it is only a test and not an actual emergency.
According to Glenn County officials, CodeRED allows them to target and deliver an alert, such as a mandatory evacuation order, to a specific geographic area.   

Gov Brown signs Bill to get Calif off Fossil Fuels by 2045

 (Sacramento)  AP -California has set a goal of phasing out electricity produced by fossil fuels by 2045 under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown, who said the policy should serve as a model for other states and nations.
Brown, who has positioned California as a global leader in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, approved the measure as he prepares to host a summit in San Francisco of climate change leaders from around the world starting Wednesday.
The new law, along with an executive order Brown signed directing California to take as much carbon dioxide out of the air as it emits, represent the latest in a string of ambitious environmental initiatives as California seeks to fill a void left by President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and his efforts to boost the coal industry.


Highway 99 Fatal Early Morning Crash

All lanes are now open on Highway 99 north of Oroville after a vehicle collision closed the highway. The collision left one person dead and another injured. That crash was reported just after 5 this morning on Highway 99 on the Southbound Lane of Highway 99 near Cottonwood Road north of Oroville. According to the Caltrans CHP incident page, there were 3 or 4 vehicles involved, two of those vehicles were involved in a head-on collision. One vehicle ended up in a ditch and another struck a pole. The CHP is reporting at least one fatality in the crash and one person was airlifted to the hospital with major injuries.

Shooting In Front of Duffy's

Chico Police are investigating a shooting in front of Duffy's Tavern early this morning. Officer responded to Main Street after a report of a subject brandishing a firearm at a group of people in the area after 1 am. As officers arrived several shots were reportedly fired in the midst of a fight in front of Duffy's Tavern. Officers found and arrested the suspect, 23-year-old Deshawn Taylor around the corner on 4th Street. A gun was found in a nearby parking lot. According to a Chico Police Department press release, there were two gunshot victims. Both victims are at the hospital recovering from non-life threatening wounds.
Witnesses say the dispute originated inside Lost on Main during an after party event for a rap concert that had been held at the Senator Theater earlier in the evening.


Chico State President Gayle Hutchinson KPAY MOrning News Weds

Chico State President Gayle Hutchinson is scheduled to join the KPAY Morning News Wednesday September 5th at 750a..for an Overview as a New Smemster/School Year begins on Campus..President Hutchinson will talk about the Campus and what issues the face on Campus and within the Community as the new year starts.

Chico Stabbing Incident

A man is seriously injured in a stabbing in Chico. Officers arrived to an apartment complex on Manzanita Avenue before 5:30 Sunday evening where they found a 58-year-old man suffering from a stab wound to the abdomen. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for serious injuries however, he is expected to recover.
Investigators learned that the victim and his neighbor, identified as 67-year-old Dennis Hodges got into a dispute and during the course of the dispute Hodges allegedly stabbed the man. According to a Chico Police Department press release, Hodges was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.



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